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Northern Water Irrigation Company

Northern Water Irrigation Company (NWIC) Pty Ltd is a water retail company based in South Australia.

NWIC supplies Recycled Water to broad acre and greenhouse farmers as well as short term users along from the the Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme (NAIS). The water has been approved for irrigation use by the SA Department of Health and Wellbeing.

NWIC is able to provide irrigators with competitively priced water supply with flexible contract terms.

Who is NWIC?


NWIC is part of the Leed Group, an award-winning, engineering and construction group delivering key infrastructure projects across Australia since 2001.

Over this time Leed has delivered over AU$2 billion of water infrastructure. Leed has been involved with the NAIS Scheme from inception through to operation. As part of a joint venture with Valoriza Australia, Leed developed the NAIS Concept Design, Detailed Design and completed construction of all infrastructure associated with the scheme.

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