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Recycled water supplied by NWIC to our customers comes from
SA Water’s Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme. NWIC has a Water Supply Agreement in place for the supply of this recycled water.

Contract Duration: Water supply contracts are available for short term users (several months) through to the life of the scheme (approximately 45 years).

Connection Fee: This is a one-off fee that enables connection to the scheme. This is based on water availability and location. Each Connection Fee will be individually negotiated and agreed between NWIC and our customer.

Availability charge: This is an annual charge based on Contracted Water Volume; this cost is $0.30/kL (2023–24).

Consumption charge: This is an annual charge based on Actual Water Volume used; this cost is $0.31/kL (2023–24).

Third Party Charges: Subject to individual circumstances we may charge our customers for third party services. These charges may apply for such items as supply and installation of water meters, and repairs to water infrastructure as a result of damage caused by our customer. In this case fees and charges will be applied only if NWIC has incurred a cost in accordance with SA Water standard rates, available on SA Water's website here:


4SA Water Pricing Schedule.


Indexation: Annual price indexation is linked to the All groups Consumer Price Index as published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics at the end of March each year. Indexation will be applied to our Fees and Charges on 30 June of each year.

Billing: Our customers are provided with quarterly bills for the use of our retail water services.

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